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Tips for Purchasing a Commercial Refrigerator

Purchasing a commercial refrigerator is not something many of us need to do on a regular basis, which is why it is always a good idea to seek some expert advice on the topic. Because it is so uncommon, we have put together a list of tips you can keep in mind when shopping around for the best unit for your business.Brand MattersIf what you seek is a reliable unit that will be easy to service and will be backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty, then you will want to choose a commercial fridge produced by a reputable brand. Some of the best brands in the business include:

  • Bromic
  • Delfield
  • Koldtech
  • SkopeDouble-Check the WarrantyAs touched upon briefly above, the warranty which comes with your commercial refrigerator will be a huge determinant in whether you choose that brand and type of fridge or not. Like everything in life, nothing lasts forever, and even the best quality refrigerators will need service. When your refrigerator does happen to need some extra care and attention, you will want your unit to be fixed quickly for business continuity and to ensure your food items do not spoil.Do not settle for just any warranty on your refrigerator. The commercial refrigeration industry is one which has some of the most extensive warranties available, with many offering three years or greater parts and labour coverage. These warranties are often backed by a large network of local certified technicians who will be able to get your refrigerator up and running as quickly as possible, should you experience any problems.Choose the Best Size for TomorrowChoosing the right size of refrigerator is one of the most difficult choices for a business owner to make. On the one hand, you want to conserve as much square footage as possible in your business and do not want to purchase a fridge which will drain you of unnecessary energy costs. On the other hand, however, you do not want to purchase a refrigerator that your business will quickly outgrow.In addition to the actual dimensions of the fridge, you will also have to consider other items, such as:Do you want a drawer or reach-in refrigerator?If you want a reach-in refrigerator, do you prefer a one-door, two-door, or three-door configuration?Will the refrigerator fit through your doorways?Consider Where the Condenser Will Be SituatedOne often overlooked part of purchasing a commercial refrigerator is where the condenser will be located. The condenser is the working horse of your refrigerator, being responsible for keeping all of the products within it nice and cold. You will typically have two options for the condenser’s location:Bottom-mountTop-mountBottom-mount units are easier to clean and maintain, typically allow for greater accessibility to your food, and they are not as much of a strain in warmer conditions. But do not rule out top-mount configurations, either. These do not trap nearly as much dust and debris, and they do not blow hot air into the cabinet.