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5 Best Areas To Live In Delhi

Living in Delhi is a very overwhelming experience; you get a little of both, the ancient richness of the capital and the urban craziness. Delhi, the capital of India and the third largest city of the country has a lot to offer. The infrastructure is developing rapidly and the new ones coming up are worth looking out for.

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Here are the best areas to live in Delhi-

  • Shanti Niketan

The list of posh areas of Delhi is never ending, one of which being Shanti Niketan. The locality boasts a number of international schools and large humongous malls. It is home to a lot of industrialists and the elite class. This is the best place to buy an apartment in Delhi if you are ready to splurge a few extra bucks!

  • Sunder Nagar

Sunder Nagar is an upmarket residential area situated on Mathura road in Central Delhi. It is widely known for its galleries and local market, where you will mostly find ethnic handicraft shops. This locality offers a great deal of leisure and attracts the rich crowd. The Delhi High School is located on Mathura Road very close by to Sunder Nagar. There are other schools too which offer excellent quality education. Restaurants and hotels are a great treat and have a wide range of mouth watery cuisines.

  • New Gurgoan and Dwarka Expressway

The property rates in Delhi are escalating so high that it’s becomes almost difficult to afford an apartment there. New Gurgoan and Dwarka Expressway is a budding locality offering properties at a very affordable rate at the same time it is well connected with the city. Due to its popularity, there are a lot more schools, restaurants, malls and leisure facilities making their way to this place.

  • Bhiwadi

Another affordable area of Delhi, Bhiwadi is a fast growing place on NH- 8. The area is well connected with Delhi, Gurgoan and the entire NCR (National Capital Region). The affordable living rates make it the most favourable place to live in. Ryan international school, Delhi Public School and Bal Bharti public school are amongst the top schools present in Bhiwadi. It boasts a cool range of restaurants and pubs too.

  • Panchsheel

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, Panchsheel is a perfect area for those who are looking out for some calmness at the same time being well connected with the city. The highlight of this area is the Panchsheel club which is an ideal leisure point for everyone. This area is famous for its festival celebrations which attracts a lot of crowd, especially during Holi. It boasts a long range of schools and restaurants.

Even though Delhi is one of the costliest cities to live in India, it offers great opportunity as well. The growing industry and urban culture makes it conducive for living. If you are looking out for apartments in Delhi do take a look around this 5 areas.


Real Estate Property Agent Singapore

With more than 5 years of experience in the real estate industry, Bernie serves both a local and an international client base.

Hardworking and astute to the changes in the real estate market, he is able to advise his clients accurately and profitably, be it timing the market to sell or to make price readjustments.

Other than assisting his clients in buying and selling properties in Singapore, Bernie is also experienced in providing housing solutions for professional expats and assisting them ease into the Singaporean culture and way of life. Having backpack-travelled around the world for 3 years, Bernie is very able to empathize with and understand the needs of clients who are relocating to Singapore for the first time.

Bernie also speaks the Japanese language.

He is a powerful negotiator, being able to do his best for his clients, usually surpassing their expectations of him. He goes beyond the duty of real estate agents by researching the market on behalf of his clients, and once even hired a van (and drove)!!! to personally help a client move-house simply because he promised to assist. Little did that client expect Bernie’s promise of ‘assistance’ to be in such an involved way. Needless to say, such from-the-heart service has won him rave reviews and made many such clients into good friends who continually refer business to him years after their initial encounter, or simply call him up for dinner.

Bernie believes that in business, as in life, we should give our 100% or nothing at all. Above all, he believes that we should have integrity in all business transactions, treating our clients as we would like to be treated.

Bernie is currently with ERA Realty Network, the only real estate company in Singapore that operates from its own buildings as well as being listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) under its parent company, Hersing Corporation.

Within 1 year of initially being with ERA Realty Network, Bernie was already inducted as a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Club for being a producer in the industry.

Bernie is a specialist on all types of residential as well as commercial properties in districts:

* 1 (City, Marina area, CDB),
* 4 (Sentosa Island),
* 9 (Orchard Road and surrounding),
* 10 (Balmoral, River Valley, Holland Road),
* 11 (Newton, Novena, Bukit Timah),
* 15 (East Coast, Katong)

That said, he also welcomes all enquiries and offering assistance on properties in other districts of Singapore as he heads a team of dedicated real estate agents who handles properties in all other areas of Singapore.

Together, Bernie and team handles:

* New Project Launches
* Condominiums
* Landed properties (Terrace houses, Semi-Detached, Bungalows)
* Land for rebuilding
* Commercial properties
* Industrial space
* Worker housing

Feel free to get in touch with Bernie at his mobile during business hours.

Below are 3 testimonials for Bernie:

Rick Aston:

Actually for several months, I have been coming to Singapore on business trips…with various agents looking for properties. We were under a time constraint to find a place… I was starting to get frustrated with the other agents. They weren’t really listening to what we were looking for as a family. He found this place that no other agent was even aware of nor prepared to show us. He got us a great place… we’ve been very happy here and it (the home) suited the whole family. So he definitely delivered.

When we finally found it (the property), we actually went through quite a process of negotiation which Bernie helped out very much with.

After we signed the contract and moved in, Bernie helped with the repairs and/or general upkeep.

And then we just stayed in touch actually, just to discuss the general property market.

We’d recommend him and we have recommended him to friends. So definitely (happy). (Bernie is) Very good. (A) very good agent!

Susan Lau:

I asked for the electricity and water to be cut off (utilities). If I leave it on and sometimes when they go viewing (the property) and if they forget to switch it off, the bill might go sky-high. So I was afraid of that. But then he (Bernie) assured me to just leave it for 2 weeks, because someone might want to see (the property) at night, so I might miss the chance of (selling the property). Because of that, I gave him 2 weeks to see what were the results.
He was able to produce results in less than two weeks! I feel very relieved and very happy that I can have the entire episode closed up, because it has been dragging (for 4 months before Bernie assisted in the marketing of the property) and I became so tired of it (the selling process).

In fact, they (the buyers) gave me a certain amount (price to purchase) but Bernie said he will try to get some more (better price). He (successfully) did that.

Bernie is a very effective agent, has the human touch, and (is) humourous.

I am very very satisfied (with Bernie and his services).

Doreen Tan:

(Once) I told him (Bernie) that I have tried (for) quite some time to acquire my neighbour’s land… but it wasn’t successful. So, he put in effort to locate the owner(s) to approach the owner(s) a few times (to eventually convince them to sell the property), and to negotiate a very reasonable price for me and also for the owners(s). So we’re very happy.

He really goes the extra mile to do research and to understand more of what his clients want.

I am very happy (with Bernie) because he is not a pushy person (agent). When he sees the house and feels that this is not what I want, he will not ask me to spend time to go and have a look. That is what I appreciate (of him). He knows very well what his clients want. And he knows what I want.

And he will follow up and ask ‘How are you’. (Regarding) His service, I should say is EXCELLENT.

He will do (continous) research for the whole market (property), Asian and also the whole world’s market (in general). He will give his ideas (views) to keep us updated (clients) on what is happening in the property market. I don’t think there are many property agents (who are) willing to do extra work, extra research for his or her clients.

I did recommend someone to Bernie, and that is my partner, Dora.

I am very, very satisfied with his (Bernie’s) service.

Now I am building my dream house. ‘Thank you’ to Bernie!


Why do you need a Real Estate Agent?

Today’s home owners have many options in hand which help them to make successful real estate transactions. With the real estate market recovering from the crash in mid 2000’s, the percentages of sales has risen considerably in the recent times. Though it may seem that real estate agencies are on a verge of extinction, but that’s just a myth. At times handling real estate contracts, fixing the right asking price, etc might be very tricky.

Though home owners may save a lot of money by doing things themselves, it is recommended that they take professional whether they invest in residential projects in Kolkata or buy/ sell apartments in Kolkata. Doing things themselves often cost homeowners more, than what they have to pay the agents.  So here are few reasons why homeowners should not reject the idea of hiring a real estate agent:

  1. Better Access and convenience: Real agents are known to simplify the home buying/ selling process since they have the expertise and take charge of everything on behalf of the buyer and seller. They work as a link between the two parties and offer better exposure to the properties listed by other agents as well. Agents know what it takes to complete a deal faster and also help the buyers/ sellers to get the best deals. Real estate buying or selling requires prompt responses and the agents are experts in doing this. If homeowners choose to do things themselves they might actually miss on a huge number of interested parties, since they fail to respond quickly.
  2. Negotiating is Tougher than it seems: While homeowners may think they can save a lot by negotiating themselves, it might turn out otherwise. The relationship between buyers and sellers is not an easy one and in most cases they don’t get along very well, since each one thinks of his own benefits. An agent acts as a connection between buyers and sellers so that the messages are conveyed correctly. They have better negotiating skills and know how to convince people.
  3. Real Estate Contracts are Tricky: Real estate buying or selling involves signing contracts    so that people are protected from certain situations, when one fails make the payments. Agents work with such contracts regularly and know what should be included and what should be omitted to keep parties protected.
  4. Agents work for their client’s best Interests: Real estate agents are licensed professionals so they are bound to work for their client’s interests. They are bound by the common law so any offensive act on their part will be taken seriously. Moreover, real estate agents depend on referrals and recommendations, so they’ll try hard to serve their clients in the best possible way and get the best deals.
  5. Do homeowners really save money? If homeowners decide to crack the deals themselves, they’ll have to fix the selling price depending on the comparable properties in the neighbourhood, hoping to save the commissions of the agents. It might so happen that the seller gets a notion of this and quotes a price that is less than the ideal selling price, to save some money himself. So neither the buyer nor the seller gets to save enough money.

Real estate buying or selling is a very complex process, since a lot of paperwork has to be done, lot of questions have to be answered and most importantly you need to get the best deals. All this might not be possible by the homeowner himself. So whether one looks for buying an apartment in Kolkata or sell a property, hiring an agent would be beneficial.

Top 15 Job Responsibilities of a Blue Moon Real Estate Agent

We all are aware that property dealings are no easy task and cannot be just over within a few days. It takes considerable time in different issues whether it is selling, buying or renting for different purposes including the residential and commercial ones. It is the situation when an optimum quality real estate agent is essential. Indeed, finding one credible person for that is also little bit daunting but not impossible as there are many reputed names across the country for the job.

The real estate agents Nambour having a legitimate license are the only ones allowed to indulge in authorized real estate activities. These license holders have prior qualifications and suitability to take up those responsibilities. The following explains briefly about what they are hired to do:-

  1. 1.     Informed – Agents who deal in day to day real estate business are aware of the locations in the vicinity and have optimum knowledge regarding the subject. It helps them to apprise the client with vital information.
    1. 2.     Interview – It is seen as a good quality of an agent who asks variety of questions to the clients. At least, it gives an idea about their interests in depth regarding the deal and how they can fulfill those demands.
    2. 3.     Prepared – One of the jobs is to prepare legal documents related to contracts, agreements and lease papers and so on.
    3. 4.     Coordinate – They check on the agreements for signing and also expending of the funds between the parties. Those blue moon real estate agents coordinate the entire process effectively.
    4. 5.     Intermediate – Agents act as intermediary between the buyer and seller or any other party for discussions.
    5. 6.     Negotiate – They have a prominent role in negotiation while purchase/sell of a property which can be fruitful to both sides.
    6. 7.     Substitute – Most of the time they represent on the behalf of their clients as it could be an extensive process to seal the trade.
    7. 8.     Investigate – Another role of theirs is quite important from the financial perspective is to explore the possibilities of client’s status of credit and finance.
    8. 9.     Promote – It is the duty of a real estate agent Nambour to endorse the properties through advertisements, listing services and several other ways to inform interested public.

10. Compare – They know how to judge against similar types of properties to determine the best market prices for it.

11. Review – Analysis of the listings to find out prospective properties and acquire as much information about real estate markets are included in their job duties.

12. Inspect – When a property goes for rent, the agents have to inspect it in regular intervals and acquaint the owners regarding maintenance and related subjects.

13. Advice – They provide selective advice with respect to different issues of legal necessities, conditions of the market, price facts and others.

14. Assess – Before explaining to the clients about some properties, a real estate agent Nambour has to self assess them by visiting personally.

Demonstrate – They are hired to describe the features of a property as well as notify about its benefits and losses.

Why selling your house to a real estate agents in Central Valley is good?

If ever in life we wished to live in a place that has pleasant surroundings flooded with huge amount of flora and fauna, then Central valley could be one of the places to consider. Central Valley is an amazing place to live which will give you an experience of a lifetime. Along with green fields all over, it has huge mountains on one side and crystal clear water flowing on other side, which looks amazing.

Now, who does not desire to live at such a place that hardly have any flaws. To own a house at such place will give anybody an immense joy, as almost every person would want to own a home at such wonderful place. While there are many people who wish to own a house at Central Valley, there are many other who wishes to sell their houses. Sometimes, it is quite easy to sell a house in this valley by posting an ad to sell house in a newspaper or by the signs that are usually posted on the road corner saying ” We buy homes in Central valley”.

No doubt, these ways to sell a house are quite effective and people do buy homes looking at these postings, but they are not always a safe option. Some of them might not have some legal issue that will put you in trouble later on. The best and safe way to sell your house is through a property dealer, which is a better option to do so.

Selling a house can be a trouble sometimes because it is not always easy to get a buyer. In fact, there are chances that you have to sell your house at a very low price than it actually costs. Instead of getting into such a trouble, it is better to sell your property to a real estate agent who is near o your house. Now, you might be thinking that why sell it to the nearest available real estate agent? The reason behind selling it to the nearest available agent is that they know the best about the property. Chances are higher that they buy your property as soon as you want to sell it.
As selling house is not an easy task, especially when there are hardly any buyers, then it is best to consult a property purchaser to save your precious time. When you really have the urgency to sell a house, it becomes essential to choose the nearest available real estate agent and avoid searching for the best in the market. Wandering to search the best will cost a lot of time and money besides stressing you with a lot of paperwork that you might not want.

So, the next time you wish to sell your house, then you must  properly research agents, go to their office, and check yourself how they actually work. If you want to sell on an urgent basis, it is advisable to pick the nearest of the real estate agent to save time and money.

Choose the real estate agent who can help you in real

Buying and selling real estates and assets is not a new thing, but it is indeed one of the biggest monetary decision of your life, so you should make sure that you take the right decision for it. But if you are not knowing all the tit bits of the real estate industry then you better hire a real estate agent to get you the best property in town and you can get the information on homes for sale in Maryland and then you can think of investment in the real estate market. But the question arises that whom to hire then make sure to search properly.  Always choose a person who has a good reputation in the market, for no only selling best homes in Maryland but the person should be also equally good in handling the buyers and serve them well with their experiences and the person should not force you to buy a certain property as the person would leave the decision on the buyer as the investment is totally a personal decision. The person should be competent in meeting the deadlines and they should also be advocate on the financial decisions and help their clients to save money and also see the future profit chances.

The best factors

There are other factors that can affect your deal is the attitude of the real estate agents and one can really decide on the communication skills of the person which is very important as it can make or break a deal and that is why to buy homes for sale in Maryland you need a person who can deal in them and he or she has the skills to handle all the qualities where he or she can also let the clients to buy or sell best homes in Maryland that can help them to deal the best homes and they can get their desired homes. The real estate agent should also have the expertise in the geographical locations and can deal in the various locations which is the most important factor and one should get the real estate agent who can help them to get the desired home. The real estate agent can also tell you all the details regarding the locations and the people can depend on them while selecting the locations and they will have the knowledge on the area which will include the schools, hospitals and marketplace nearby where the people will need them in case of selecting a home one should see all the amenities that will lead them to buy one.

Different Services Offered by Real Estate Agents Sunshine Coast Firms

Deals in properties have become a cumbersome task which needs professional help for most of the time. Although, land trades can be made on own but it gives a tough time for a long period. Queensland of Australia is one of the most populous states where most of the inhabitants live near the coastal area. Sunshine coast is such a metropolitan area which features best real estate locations. Moreover, this area houses some of the best tourist spots that make it a center of attraction.

People seeking Sunshine coast real estate agents feel perplexed when it comes to pick the right one. However, it’s not extremely difficult to find a reliable one either. For credentials, an agent must have a license and minimum required exposure in real estate businesses. A popular myth which circulates that only a highly experienced person must be sought for the job is untrue. Agents with proper familiarity of those businesses are better than those who have spent years without having any competent knowledge.

Services offered by Real Estate Agents

The following describes about some of the services provided by real estate agents Sunshine coast firms:-

Guide: Their primary task is to guide the clients regarding different properties for sale within the location for buyers or investors. Similarly, they help sellers with strategies to sell their property on satisfactory deals. Other than that, their role also includes suggesting tenants regarding rental homes and developers for lands.

Advise: Agents keep track on the different properties within the aforesaid areas and keep their listings. They conduct comparative market analysis so as to provide with effective recommendations regarding those deals. It may include price estimation, current trends and several other factors.

Calculate: Job responsibilities of a real estate agents Sunshine coast include calculation of mortgage, finances and credit capacities. Their evaluation with respect to different aspects of the deals makes it helpful for the client. Further, they also give ideas on loan values.

Alert: Since they are well informed about the recent updates of properties and frequently keep a tab on them, it is useful to the clients who like to invest early. In the same way, they offer current market advice and subsequently the future status of those properties.

Market: Sellers may sometime find it difficult in marketing their land or property assets. Thus, the Sunshine coast real estate agents give out advertisements and listings along with attempts via different mediums to reach out for most people who need to buy them.

Maintain: Some firms also provide services regarding the repair and maintenance of building assets. They also keep visiting them at regular intervals to check the status in case of tenancy.

Inspect: They are knowledgeable enough to assess the properties by visiting those sites personally. Also, studying about the entire area, they help find a conclusive decision regarding them.

Other than the above, those agents also offer services of appraisals, financial references, selling tips and so on. They negotiate for deals, prepare the agreements and overlook at fund disbursements too.