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How to Generate Leads for Real Estate Agents

Lead generation is a constant challenge for real estate agents who must always be on the lookout for properties to list or clients to represent. The key to successfully finding leads is realizing that even if a prospect doesn’t want to buy or sell their home or property on the spot, obtaining their contact information is the first step in eventually landing the listing or making the sale.

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Place Classified AdsCreate generalized ads for online classified sites to offer your services to both buyers and sellers. If you have a property to list, offer just enough photos and a limited but enticing description of the property to pique their interest. If you do not have a property to list, use the ad to explain how you can help people find their dream property or help them get the highest price when selling. Track the results of your ad to see how much traffic your ad generates, and then refine the ad and test it again to boost the amount of leads you receive.

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Purchase a ListLists of homeowners are available for purchase from a variety of companies like Experian. Look for lists including the length of time homeowners have been in their homes. A list showing renters is another option for representing buyers, as many renters will be transitioning into homebuyers. Older generations that may want to downsize give you another potential list to pursue, especially useful if you represent properties in senior communities. Once you obtain a suitable list, create a letter or other promotional materials to encourage them to list their home with you or to seek your representation in finding a new residence.

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Boost Open House SuccessOpen houses give you a way to generate leads from people who are interested in buying a home, but who have not yet enlisted the services of an agent. Use your open house signs, social media posting, website and advertisements to let everyone know they are welcome to the event, not just other agents. Talk to everyone who comes to the open house to find out if they need representation. For those without an agent, get as much detail on what type of property they want as possible, including the neighborhoods they like and their budget. Contact them as soon as the open house is done to set up a time to look at properties that fit their needs.

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Promote OnlineTighten up your website to make it welcoming and friendly, and provide a form visitors can fill in to indicate their interest, including price range. Use social media to keep followers informed on your listings. Include a few photos to show off each property to pique interest and encourage visitors to go to your website for more details. Tell success stories of each home or property you sold or found for your clients. Let followers know what type of real estate you want to list in case they, or their acquaintances, know someone who wants to sell.

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Contact Past ClientsIf you’ve been a real estate agent for a while, seek referrals from your past clients. Email or call them to mention properties they might be interested in for themselves if they’re back on the market. Explain that if they are not looking now, you welcome the chance to work with their family members or friends who are interested in buying or selling a property. Find out if the person is buying or selling. Rather than wait for your past client to share your contact information with the interested party, take the initiative and ask for the referral’s phone number or email address. Then contact the person and be prepared to talk about a potential property for sale, or explain how you helped someone else get top dollar when they sold their property.

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