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9 Tips on how to get along with roommates

When buying a room in an apartment, you may have many questions, which we have realtors to help us cope with. However, after signing a contract, a tenant should try to get along with other owners of an apartment and sometimes it is not that easy.

That is why we give you 9 useful tips on how to live in peace and harmony with your roommates. In addition, you can check out a great post to learn what type of roommate you can encounter.

Tip 1. Everyone should be equal. Do not be arrogant and do not brag to neighbors of the achievements in your career, personal life etc.

Tip 2. Both men and women should keep their mouths shut and avoid gossips. Here is one simple rule: “Do not talk about your neighbors if you do not want them to talk about you.”

Tip 3. Do not share the joys of your personal life with your neighbors, since every word you say can be used against you. If you shared a secret with your neighbors concerning how you spent the evening in the company of a young man/woman, and in the morning, you left dirty dishes in the sink, your whole story will come back to you like a boomerang in a negative sense.

Tip 4. People of different nationalities can live in your apartment, therefore this topic too should not be discussed in conversations with the roommates.

Tip 5. In addition, roommates do not like those who talk too loudly. For them, a loud voice or a loud conversation means that a person is very arrogant and thinks only about themselves and no one likes such people. In addition, those people who like watching TV at night or listening to loud music should be quieter since after a sleepless night, you might be woken up by a person who loves to wake up early.

Tip 6. Be patient to children and the noise they make. Making remarks to their parents is useless, because they already do their best to soothe their babies, and your comments or reproaches will be in vain.

Tip 7. Do not hurry to have pets in the apartment because there is probably not much space in it already. The smell of a cat is strong and soon it will spread throughout the apartment, where there is so little air. In general, it is better to consult with the neighbors first and find out whether they have allergies or something like that.

Tip 8. You should not play mean tricks with your roommates, as your endless mutual sabotage will bring you to insomnia, depression, and, eventually, to a nervous breakdown resulting in you not winning.

Tip 9. Do not keep big things like bicycles, disused furniture in places like kitchen, hallway, bathroom and bathroom so that you do not prevent people from walking freely in an apartment. Use storage rentals instead.

Try to live happily and peacefully, be kind to your roommates, and they will treat you the same way!